Our Founders Ian Jones and Shaun Underwood were born into families where STEEL FIXING was the sole income, so you could say it’s in their blood.  After working as steel fixers from a young age, they decided to work together, founding iFix Reinforcements Ltd with the belief that they could make a difference.

The current success of iFix Reinforcements Ltd can be credited to our commitments.

The customer comes first. Whatever our customers need, iFix strive to provide it.

A very high standard of project management. Each and every job is analysed in detail by the iFix team before construction commences.  This early analysis often leads to a massive time-saving, as any unexpected steel fixing problems are dealt with before they can become problematic.

Efficiency and Health & Safety are key. These two factors sit hand-in-hand, to ensure all of our projects are completed as fast as possible, without affecting the safety of our workforce or of those around them.

Steel Fixing. Our steel fixing teams are ready and willing to commence work nationwide. They work with the understanding they are fully supported with every aspect of work by the Directors. They also understand our company’s ethics, and work to adhere to them at all times. These steel fixing teams are of the highest standard and have had a huge part to play in the current success of iFix Reinforcements Ltd.


Our Ethics


Health & Safety

We constantly review health & safety requirements, ensuring we are always up to current standards.

Detailed Project Analysis

We examine each and every project with great scrutiny before we start building. Our methods of pre-work analysis allows us to foresee any unexpected problems before the construction phase commences.


We know that efficiency is the key to a well-executed project!

Risk Assessment

We undertake detailed risk assessment and read through Method Statements to ensure all of our workforce understand the task at hand fully before we begin.

Client-Contractor Relations

We firmly believe in building a strong, enduring relationship with each and every one of our clients.


We promise to deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction on all of our projects, however big or small.